About Us

ATOM Financial Products, LLC (ATOM FP) was started by Scott Kinnison in January of 2006. The focus of ATOM FP is to sell the very best in ATM Solutions, Item Processing Solutions and Computer Technology to the financial marketplace. The company has multiple strategic partnerships with companies such as NCR Corporation, Concept Unlimited, BankWare, Standard Register, ShearTech, HP, Dell, Unisys & so on (see Products & Services for more details).

Prior to starting ATOM FP, Kinnison worked from 1986 to 2000 for NCR Corporation as an Account Manager to financial institutions that ranged from a few million in assets to multi-billion, multi-state businesses. In 2000, he began working for Lansing, MI based Diverse Computer Marketers (DCM), setting up a new office in Dayton, OH and selling a full assortment of products to the financial marketplace.

As DCM began to switch its focus from selling equipment to services such as Disaster Recovery & Image Outsourcing, Kinnison decided it was the right time to take 20 years of experience and start his own company, ATOM Financial Products. Currently the company serves over 200 financial institutions in and around the state of Ohio.

Why should someone do business with ATOM FP? First and foremost, we know what we are doing by being in the same business line for 20 years. Second, we have lots of relationships with numerous vendors and we can save you time by contacting us and letting us do your leg work and research... basically ATOM FP is a one stop shop for technology needs.

Third, but not least, at ATOM FP we realize our solutions can involve lots of pieces and parts and sometimes things won’t go perfect, but when there is an issue or problem, we will take care of you. Problems occur, the key is do you take care of those problems or do you leave the person hung out to dry? We work very hard so things go as smooth as possible, but if are any problems, we solve them quickly. Treating people the way you would like to be treated in a similar situation is how we do business every day.

PS: If you are curious where the name “ATOM” came from, since 1999 Kinnison has also owned a business called ATOM Records, which releases music CDs and concert DVDs for a variety of artists around the US. ATOM stands for All Types Of Music. When starting the new financial products company, Kinnison thought it made sense to expand the ATOM name to both businesses. To learn more about ATOM Records, the web site is www.atomrecords.com.