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ATOM Financial Products, LLC
Scott Kinnison, Owner
3411 Office Park Drive Suite 106
Dayton , OH 45439

Phone: (937) 296-0075     Fax: (937) 293-2752     Cell:(937) 609-3706



  • NCR New & Refurbished ATMs
  • NCR ATM UPGRADE KITS Hardware, Software & Installation Services
  • CONCEPT UNLIMITED New & Refurbished ATM Kiosks, Through-The-Wall Surrounds, ATM Toppers & ATM Signs
  • INSTALLATION SERVICES ATM Training, Bring Live & Assistance with ATM Moves
  • NCR SERVICE RESELLER We can sign up your NCR ATMs for an NCR Service Contract
  • CUSTOMIZED ATM SCREENS Personalize the look and feel of what is displayed on your ATM screens


  • NCR & UNISYS New & Refurbished Imaging Transports, Single Pocket Proof Machines, Reader/Sorters, Table-Top Capture Devices, Various Software Solutions
  • CANON, MAVERICK, SHEARTECH, STANDARD REGISTER New & Refurbished Table-Top Imaging Transports & Table-Top Encoding Equipment
  • IMAGE OUTSOURCING Multiple relationships with companies that can process your items in an outsourced environment
  • SINGLE POCKET PROOF PROGRAMMING SERVICES Update or modify your existing program or write a new one from scratch


  • EPSON, CRADEN, ADDMASTER & UNISYS - Passbook and/or Validation Printers
  • CISCO - Router, Switches & Hubs
  • WIRING SERVICES We can install all your network wiring and phone wiring as well
  • NCR, DELL & HP - PCs, Servers, Peripherals & Upgrades
  • HP & LEXMARK Printers
  • TROY - MICR Printers
  • MICROSOFT Various Server Products
  • NETWORK CONSULTING AND ON-SITE NETWORK ASSISTANCE We can install your new equipment or simply help you with what you already have installed


  • CANON & KODAK Microfilmers & Microfilm Reader/Printers
  • BRANDT Currency & Coin Counters
  • SIGNAGE From adding a new branch to changing your name or logo, we can help you with your exterior signage needs

When in doubt, call ATOM FP for all your technology needs!